TAG | #LipsticksOfTheWeek Week 21

I'm late I'm late I'm sorry!!!
I got distracted during the weekend so last week's Lipsticks Of The Week post is going up today instead. As usual I invite you to join us in the Tag following the starter post by ItsFranciFra here and check out my previous lipstick diaries here. Let's get started!

Monday: when in doubt, Wet n Wild Cinnamon Spice is always a good choice! The warmth makes it a very easy red for me to wear and it is incredibly creamy and comfortable. I suggest a pencil to prevent it from feathering, but for the rest it is definitely a must have!

Tuesday: this seems to be the day of metallic lips, just like last week. This time I wore the new Milani Amore Mattallic Liquid Lipstick in 02 Matterialistic and gosh do I adore it!! The formula is great, lasts a very long time, fades without crumbling and doesn't feel overly dry on the lips. I adore it!

Wednesday: I was representing my employers at a job event so went for a sober look (here) with Limecrime Riot which always ensures an elegant and long lasting nude lip. One of my favorite formulas ever.

Thursday: the weather was gorgeous so I went for a minty eye (look here) and a new entry on the lips. LA Splash Studio Shine Lip Lustre in Hestia (omg long names!) is a light peachy nude with a gold sheen to it that sets it apart from anything else I own. It is slightly too light for my coloring but the effect is gorgeous and the lasting power around 6 hours. The only thing I hate about LA Splash liquid lipsticks is the awful chemical smell that thankfully goes away when it dries.

Friday: feeling the orange-plum contrast again I went for MAC Nightmoth lippencil blended with MAC Rebel lipstick. I loved the look, it is one of my favorite color combinations. You can see the look here.

Saturday: was spent mostly outdoors cycling and walking in the woods to enjoy the day, but I did put on makeup to go see Alice Through The Looking Glass. The choice went on MAC Dubonnet lipstick to match my newly colored red hair. The Amplified formula really doesn't sit well on me and is extremely slippery. I tried to keep it in place with the Kiko 304 Lip Pencil, but it ended up on my teeth repeatedly throughout the evening. It is hopeless, too bad because the color is absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday: I spent the day on the couch blogging and resting so no makeup was necessary. Lighting was also terrible so I didn't even end up trying out looks for the blog. Sigh.

So here is my lipstick diary from last week. How about you? Which was your favorite lipstick you wore last week? Let me know in the comments below!