TAG | #LipsticksOfTheWeek: Week 16

Sunday funday with an extra improvised post to share with you my Lipsticks of the Week! This fun tag was started by ItsFranciFra to share the lipsticks we wore during the past week. The #LipsticksOfTheWeek tag has a double use, to enable you readers in buying more lipsticks if you see something you like, and to make sure us lipsticks hoarders are getting a good use from all of our lippies!
You can keep your lipsticks aside for the week, so that you won't be using them twice in a week, or you can go a step further and set them aside for a longer period like a month. I know I am excited to take part in this tag because I have a lot of lippies I don't use enough and now will get some deserved love.

I am temporarily out of work right now, so I don't wear makeup (and lipstick) as much as usual, but I put an extra effort this week.

Monday and Tuesday: no makeup days spent at the gym and home.

Wednesday: went out for lunch with a friend on a wonderful sunny day so I sported the Dose of Colors Coral Crush liquid lipstick. It definitely gives a kick to the day. I am still not 100% in love with the formula but I do like it.

Thursday: another sunny day and another bright lippie. I brought out the Rimmel 660 In love with ginger from the drawer and fell in love with the bright orangey color all over again, just to fall hard out of love with the formula. These Moisture Renew lipsticks are extremely creamy and slippery so they end up on my teeth and everywhere. So sad. Photo here.

Friday: I just needed to bring some old broken jeans to recycle at the H&M store, but once I sat down at my desk I put on a full contour, bronzer, highlighter and a tight pony tail that made me feel like Kim K. So I had to go with my favorite light nude: L'OrĂ©al Color Riche Eva's Nude. So creamy, so wonderful. It seams to be discontinued and when I'll finish it I'll be devastated! You can see Friday's look in my Instagram page.

Saturday: was time for afternoon and dinner with friends, so the ultra long lasting formula of Limecrime Velvetine in Pumpkin was my lippie of choice. It is possibly my favorite color, it matches my hair and I would wear it all day everyday!

Sunday: another Limecrime Velvetine, this time Riot to shine on a clean face with minimal makeup. Another favorite of mine that recently feature in a post dedicate to these warm nudes (here).

So here was my lipstick diary for this week. Now these babies go in a special basket and I continue next week with a new challenge to wear different lipsticks and shop my stash.