TAG I Goth You Babe: Morticia Docet

Welcome back for the third episode of the I Goth You TAG by Sue of Cosmetic Mind where we explore our dark side. The first episode featured my first ever black smokey eye and you can read it here. I had to skip the second one on scary movies and series because I'm a chicken and can't watch them without having nightmares for days (I am legend on a stormy night anyone?). But here we are for the episode dedicated to Morticia Adams and her iconic look, the embodiment of goth! The focus is particularly on out favorite dark lipsticks, and boy do I have a lot! So grab a cup of tea and let's get on with them.

Let's start with the "lightest of them", MAC Diva is a cult classic when it comes to vampy lips. Not too dark but dark enough, red and mysterious, I don't wear it as much as I should, but every time I do (here) I feel invincible. The finish is the wonderful MAC Matte that doesn't ever really set and therefore is super comfortable to wear.

Slightly darker than Diva, Gerard Cosmetics Cherry Cordial is slightly darker but much more matte and unfortunately is a bit hard to apply in a uniform way, just like its liquid lipstick cousin Gerard Cosmetics Ruby Slipper. Independently of the formulation being not so great, I love these colors so much that they still show up in this post. You can read a full review in this post.

With Mulac Wonka (look here) we start to leave the reds to go to the browns. This deep reddish brown is one of my favorite dark lipsticks to wear. It is just a bit more wearable than MAC Antique Velvet (look here) thanks to its red component.

On the opposite side we find MAC Instigator (review here, look here), a deep plum shade, brother to the lip pencil Nightmoth. Purples don't agree with my skin tone usually but this has just enough red and warmth. The finish is matte and it takes a bit of work to get uniform but the color is just too gorgeous.

Finally I had to include the Kiko Milano Black lipstick. I recently got asked why I would own a black lipstick and my answer was because I need it! Concerts, Halloween and parties, it's always a good time for a black lipstick. This formulation is discontinued and not particularly great, too creamy for my taste, but there is a new available here.

So here are my favorite dark lipsticks, those that bring out the Morticia in me! Most of them are additions from last fall and the collection has grown quite quickly since then.
Do you wear dark lipsticks? Which one is your favorite?