Makeup Stash: my warm nude (liquid) lipsticks

At the beginning of my journey with makeup I refused to wear nude lipsticks because I thought they wouldn't add to a look and I was better off with some lip balm and be happy. This was when "nude" to me was synonym to "concealer lips" or to Myth by MAC, colors that didn't fit me or my skin tone. With time I learned there are out there shades that embody that "my lips but better" lip color that I was missing. These shades will fit best those with warm undertones and medium contrast in their colors, among which I fall. Well, once I found that out I ended up hoarding warm nude lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, which brings us to today's post.

  • Wet n Wild Cinnamon Spice is the most affordable of them all. With a creamy and long lasting formula, it is always a winner. As I say: "when in doubt, Cinnamon Spice!". I am wearing it here.

  • Gerard Cosmetics French Toast is another creamy lipstick that is very comfortable to wear, even though it feels a bit "slippery" to a matte-lipstick-fanatic like me. Gorgeous, on my lips here.

  • Gerard Cosmetics 1995 in the lipstick formula was created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill to recall the 90s brown lip trend. It is a dry matte formula that reminds me of the Mac Retro Matte one. This shade is slightly lighter than the others and washes me out a bit.

  • Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Hydra Matte liquid lipstick is one of the latest releases from the brand and tends to pull some rosey tint when I apply it on the lips. I love the formula (read more here) and this color is a nice variation on the theme.

  • Gerard Cosmetics Everything Nice Hydra Matte liquid lipstick is the other new release from GC and it stole my heart. It is the perfect shade in the perfect formula. I love it! You can see it on my lips here and in the next Paciugopedia look coming next week.

  • Lime Crime Velvetine Riot is another gorgeous shade that was in my favorites recently (here) and is quite unique in this lot. Warm and rosey and brown in the right proportions. I am wearing it here. I love the formula of the Velvetines, easy to apply, not drying and have the mattest matte finish!

  • Wycon Mandorla Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a lighter and more liquid version of the other lipsticks. A very beautiful everyday shade that I don't use often enough due to the poor lasting power compared to the other liquid lipsticks in this post.

  • NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken is an outlier in the bunch. It is slightly darker and with a touch of grey that puts it in the "danger" zone. I can still pull it off but it is more of a winter shade for me, and it suits me slightly less than the other. The formula is also quite different because it never really dries down and stays a bit tacky, but this comes with added comfort compared to classic matte liquid lipsticks.

  • Mulac Rudolph lipstick is the shade-shifter of them all. It looks different on everyone who wears it. It pulls brown on a friend of mine, but is a rosey-pink on me. It is such a unique shade that gives extra elegance to any look. I am wearing it here. The formula is really matte but very comfortable to wear and the smell of it is super yummy!

  • Mac Retro is last but possibly the shade that represents this collection the most. This is the first shade that I wore and said "it's him!". Imagine a Say Yes To The Dress scene, but with lipstick. The Satin formula is long lasting and comfortable and I could wear this in and out every day from here to forever.

So here was a run down of all the warm nude lipsticks and liquid lipsticks that embody the perfect nude lip for me. And no, they're not all the same hihih.
Do you have such a shade family that you can resort to and know you'll be good?